Michael Hoy

Mr Hoy has more than 30 years corporate experience in Australia, the United Kingdom, USA and Asia. He is currently Chairman of the publicly listed biotechnology companies Biotron Ltd and Telesso Technologies Ltd and CityPrint Holdings Pty Ltd. He is a former director and Deputy CEO of John Fairfax Holdings Limited and the FXF Trust, and was an executive director of Times Newspapers Limited in London.

Ines Atmosukarto
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Dr Atmosukarto completed PhD studies in molecular biology at the University of Adelaide. She was a Research Scientist and Project Leader at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and has been the CSO of an Indonesian drug discovery company.

Professor Paul Rolan
Non-executive Director

Paul Rolan is the Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at The University of Adelaide and one of Australia's most experienced clinical pharmacologists with over 20 years experience in conducting Phase I clinical trials.

Boris Liberman
Non-executive Director

Mr Liberman is an experienced business man and investor whose family has built the large and diversified investment company JGL Investments Pty Ltd which has enjoyed sustained success in Australia for over 50 years. 

Richard Bray
Non-executive Director and Company Secretary

Mr Bray is a Chartered Accountant (FCA) and a consultant of the Adelaide accounting firm Bray Chan Chartered Accountants.  He is a director of Carrington Services Pty Ltd, the private equity consortium providing working capital to Lipotek.


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