Lipovax-Fg115 is an adjuvanted delivery vehicle for recombinant antigens.

The platform exploits the commonly used his-tag to attach multiple copies of one or more type of antigens to the surface Lipovax-Fg115 particles.

Our proprietary Fg115 molecules are also attached to the liposomes to stimulate the TLR5 receptor. The platform improves vaccine internalisation by dendritic cells and results in increased cross presentation. In vivo this translates in increased T cell and antibody and responses.

Benefits of Lipovax-Fg115

Optimal size for dendritic cell uptake and processing

Improved internalisation and cross presentation

Synthetic and well defined components

Not based on cationic liposomes

Good safety profile

Simple formulation

High homogeneity and reproducibility

Antigen stabilisation and half life improvement

Applicable to antigens of varying size (from peptides to large proteins)


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